Eclipse Pictures

All images on this page were taken by Stephen Anderson on an 8mm camcorder , digitized using an AVID off line editor (overkill..) and then processed using Paint Shop Pro to make them look reasonably presentable for a web page. No filters were used for any of the images - the clouds were thick enough to take pictures directly!

The first two images show how crowded the service station was. We didn't get any images of the car park beyond the main building (which was packed) but this shows how full the garage fore court was!

The Garage Fore court 1

The Garage Fore court 2

Not only were people parking in the garage area but everywhere else that they could find space!

Parking on Grassy verges

Parking ... anywhere!

At first our view wasn't promising...


But then, after a long wait, the show commenced.

10 minutes to go

Spying the sky

Spying the sky

Spying the sky

Spying the sky

spying the sky

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