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Here are a couple of links to some sites that I found useful while planning the journey and and also helped me to learn more about eclipses.

There are also a few links to sites by others who enjoyed the August'99 eclipse. - ever wondered where you'll be able to see the next eclipse - or any eclipse in your lifetime? This is a top page which contains facts figures and detailed maps about eclipses from the year BC2000 to AD3000! I used the maps on this site to determine where best to view the eclipse. - contains a wealth of information about eclipses as well as many pictures by the king of eclipse photography Frank Espenak.

Wendy Carlos Eclipse Page - another site with absolutely stunning pictures of eclipses including a wonderful picture of the August 11th eclipse.

BBC NEWS Eclipse Page - another useful resource for UK Eclipse viewers prior to August 11th and now containing many images of the eclipse from all over the world.

Ten Myths of Eclipses - Some common miss-conceptions about eclipses are discussed. - a wealth of information about eclipses with a lot of information and pictures from Cornwall. - Some nice pictures taken in Cornwall (proof that some saw it there too!!) by Martin Mee that look very similar to what I remember seeing.

Le Soleil Noir (The Black Sun) - Some pictures and impressions from Vouziers, our original destination. Obviously they had clearer skies than we did...

I'll be adding more links to this page as I come accross sites worthy of mention!

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