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Some fun with a helicopter
People have asked me what on earth I'm doing here in this picture - check out the small remote control helicopter hovering to the right of the picture - it takes quite a bit of concentration to keep one of those in the air!

This is currently a temporary stub to tie together some web pages that I've been developing. Some are ongoing projects while others are short artilces.

Underground History

One of my main ongoing web projects over the last few years is to document the abandoned and moved London Underground stations. What started out as a small article in an in-house magazine with a circulation of 150 has turned into a web site that regularly gets 800 unique visitors a day!

Hywel's Eclipse Page

You can read my account of the day I went to see the total eclipse of the sun in France on August 11th 1999, a day I shall never forget! The page also contains some pictures of the day.

Find out the story behind the recent remarkable discovery of a pristine recording of BBC 2's aborted launch night, believed not just to have been lost but until recently thought never even recorded!

TiVo logos

I have created a set of graphical logos which enable someone who has a TiVo to assign individual channel logos next to the recordings in the Now Showing list. To do this however, you will need to have added some form of network access to the TiVo.

SubTerrain is a very early work in progress. Initially it's a place to tie together some pictures I have of abandoned structures, or subterranian locations that aren't related to the London Underground.

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